A Prediction: 4 Reasons Coworking Is the Future

Have you heard of Coworking? By now, you probably have, but let’s break it down a bit further, shall we? 

Coworking is an office arrangement that allows a person to enjoy the amenities of an office space without having to cover the costs and organization associated with it. Coworking spaces are extremely beneficial for businesses as they save a lot of money through convenience of shared infrastructure, utilities, housekeeping services, meeting rooms, conference rooms, custodial services, parcel acceptance services etc. 

 Rise of Remote Working Is Driving Popularity of Coworking Spaces. 

One of the finest reasons for the rise of coworking spaces is the rise of remote working. Even before COVID-19, remote working was fast becoming the norm. Now, as we face a “new normal”, we’re seeing remote and coworking discussions rising day by day. We’re living in a digital world; things are shifting by the day. Thanks to cloud computing, there’s no requirement to have your team side-by-side with you - or to find talent in the traditional format. Nowadays, offices have delegated most of the work to online freelance workers or online professionals, which continues to promote and encourage remote working. As time goes by, we’re going to see exactly why coworking is the future. 

Coworking Spaces Are Practical, Useful and Convenient

Coworking spaces are very practical for the online professionals, as they receive various types of services at one low-price. Coworking spaces offer not only one desk, but office equipment, conference calling facilities, break rooms. Amenities, activities, free-WiFi, coffee, tea, snacks & more!, Can you say MAJOR DEAL? So, it is being predicted that the coworking spaces will be used by entrepreneurs and business owners largely in the near future as they find resourceful ways to get the most out of their investments. 

 Rise of the Gig/Contractor Economy

Another interesting thing is the rise of the gig/contractor economy. Gig/Contractor Economy is developing to contribute to the national economy largely and there’s no doubt that those workers and the companies they work for need a space to call their “work home”. The rise of the gig/contractor economy will increase the use of the coworking spaces greatly as millennial and younger generations are creating their own opportunities for income. 

The Popularity of Coworking Spaces Is Increasing

Coworking spaces popularity and growth is increasing day by day, so the flexible working industry is experiencing a boom and massive growth investment presently. Today, there are 700x more coworking spaces than in 2008. Coworking spaces also have had a 30% growth rate every year. So, there are a great many opportunities of development of the coworking and flexible working industry. 

At C3 Village, we're extremely excited about the future of working because we know that - whether you’re a small or large business - coworking provides value and opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners alike! 

Have you been thinking about joining a coworking space? What are your biggest challenges in making the decision? We’d love to know! Email us at [email protected] and share what those challenges are! 

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